Israeli police said in a statement Friday that they arrested 55 anti-Netanyahu protesters “who caused public disorder and disturbances.””You are a puppet of the establishment!” a woman being arrested, yelled at police in Hebrew.Thousands of rival protesters gathered outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence Thursday under heavy police presence.  Officers separated them with metal barricades.”Come, this is for all of us,” a banner in Hebrew read.Video provided by the Israeli police showed huge crowds on the street, before a police truck sprayed liquid to disperse them.  The anti-Netanyahu demonstrators in Jerusalem accuse the prime minister of corruption.They protested a recent bill that powers the government to take emergency measures to fight the coronavirus without seeking parliamentary approval first.Initially, Israel brought COVID-19 under control, but the infection has spiked again with some 2,000 new cases a day.In meantime, the unemployment in the country has soared above 20%.Sorry, but your browser cannot support embedded video of this type, you can
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