Waterlogging triggered by heavy monsoon rains in India’s financial capital of Mumbai added to the woes of residents, already reeling under the intense second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, Wednesday, June 9. Rains in Mumbai crippled normal life, clogged drains, waterlogged streets and waterways, making it difficult for people to commute.  Floodwaters reached residential houses, breached roads and disrupted public transport. Residents were seen wading through thigh-high waters to reach their destinations. Residents who stepped out to carry out daily activities said they feared falling in potholes while commuting on flooded roads. Annual rainfall is essential in India as rains support two-third of the 1.3 billion population living in rural areas who rely on farming. But excessive rainfalls cause problems like floods, landslide and water-borne diseases. (Reuters)  

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